flagstone fire pit patio with paver border

An Experience

We understand that an outdoor space is an experience. When you walk out to your backyard and catch the subtle movements of your plants. As you sit and watch the flames in the firepit surrounded by family and friends. When the children can be seen swimming from multiple paved areas from your home whether you’re relaxing or grilling. What experience are you looking for?

The shade you want

Craftsmanship in outdoor structure design involves meticulous attention to detail, precision in construction, and a deep understanding of materials. The structural design not only considers aesthetics but also factors in durability, load-bearing capacities, and weather resistance. A well crafted outdoor structure seamlessly blends artistic elements with robust structural integrity, creating timeless and functional outdoor structures.

outdoor paver pool deck, patio, and firepit area
outdoor paver pool deck and patio

Relax swimmingly

Pool deck and patio landscape design integrates aesthetics with practicality, providing a seamless transition between the pool area and the surrounding environment. Thoughtful design takes into consideration factors like material selection, layout, furniture placement to enhance visual appeal and functionality. The design may incorporate elements like shade structures, lighting, and greenery, creating a welcoming outdoor space that complements the pool while offering comfort and style for relaxation and entertainment.

Light it Up

Thoughtful placement of lights can highlight key features, create ambiance, and extend the usability of outdoor spaces into the evening. Strategic lighting design considers pathways, architectural elements, and plantings, enhancing the overall atmosphere while ensuring safety and security. The interplay of light and shadow in a well designed outdoor lighting scheme adds depth and character, transforming the landscape into an inviting and visually captivating environment.

outdoor lighting in boxwoods
Our Process
With years of experience, we've refined yours.

Outdoor design can feel intimidating. You might have an idea about what type of patio you want but not the paver color. You might know what plants you want but not where they should be planted. This is where we come in to not only solve your questions but bring your vision to life.

Over the years, we have refined our process to make it a more efficient and enjoyable experience for you.  

This is the first meeting where we discuss what you’re looking for in your outdoor space. Bring any inspiration pictures, home pictures, and a plat of survey. Nothing is off the table here. Voice everything and we can refine the design and budget to best meet a space you’re happy with. 

A site visit is paramount, offering firsthand insights in to the topography, soil conditions, and existing elements. This on-site assessment allows us to tailor our plans, ensuring a seamless combination of the landscape with its surroundings. It’s a crucial step to identify challenges and create a design that not only enhances aesthetics but also functions comfortably with your specific home.

This is where our designer translates your preferences, site characteristics and functional requirements into detailed plans. This includes layout drawings, plant selections, material specifications, and 3D renderings. We offer consistent updates to make sure you’re included every step of the way.

This is where your envisioned plans come to life. Our skilled team begins constructing the hardscape elements such a pathways, patios, and structures. Simultaneously, the chosen plants are introduced considering their growth patterns, color palette, and compatibility with the environment. 

Our designer performs a final walkthrough marking the culmination of the project, allowing you to see the transformed space and providing an opportunity for an last-minute adjustments. We address any questions and ensure satisfaction with our work. 

We have a 2 month and 1 year followup where we check on the health and growth of planted elements, offering maintenance guidance, and addressing unforeseen issues. 

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