March Garden Prep: What You Should Be Doing This Month

March garden prep? You probably think I'm crazy but hear me out. Gardening becomes overwhelming the more Spring looms closer. Life is busy. Kids are in sports. Every weekend fills with activities that leave little room to really think of your garden. So, what garden prep can you do in March? Quite a lot actually but you still have time to space out these chores so you're not feeling overwhelmed. First, if you haven't planned out your garden, the spacing, and location then that would be where you start. You want to pick a plot in your yard that receives as much sun as possible. Also keep it close to the hose or water source.…

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Why you should contact Landscape companies before Spring!

Why should you contact Landscape companies before Spring? The early bird gets the worm? But it's March you say and we can't help but inform you that we've already had people contact us for estimates. We always get a rush of interest when the weather starts to turn but the early birds never run the risk of being the 20th caller and therefore 20th on our list. They're not running the risk of bad weather that pushes us past their deadline. By May, we usually have a month plus waiting period on general landscaping services. Design/Build projects can be longer. If I had to name a specific grouping of customers who most definitely need to…

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