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Why you should contact Landscape companies before Spring!

Why should you contact Landscape companies before Spring? The early bird gets the worm? But it’s March you say and we can’t help but inform you that we’ve already had people contact us for estimates. We always get a rush of interest when the weather starts to turn but the early birds never run the risk of being the 20th caller and therefore 20th on our list. They’re not running the risk of bad weather that pushes us past their deadline. By May, we usually have a month plus waiting period on general landscaping services. Design/Build projects can be longer.

If I had to name a specific grouping of customers who most definitely need to be contacting Landscape companies right now, I would pick the party planners. Spring ushers in a whole host of parties, from birthday’s now able to be celebrated outside, graduation parties, and end of school year celebrations. If you have specific deadlines that must be met, calling sooner rather than later will give you a much higher success rate and sense of security. If you’re wanting a more in depth service such as a patio, fire pit, pool installation, water feature, and any other design/build service, I’d recommend you shop around now.

Not only will you guarantee yourself an early ┬áspot but a lot of landscaping companies offer early bird deals because it offers us a sense of security when we have customers already lined up. Also, existing customers when heading into the season allows us to prepare and plan more efficiently. Contact them and tell them what you want, I’m sure that many will discuss discounts with you that aren’t advertised.

Last minute additions to lawn maintenance routes run the risk of being charged more due to disruptions to routine and scheduling. Also many companies offer specials and discounts when you sign up early for lawn maintenance.

To effectively summarize why you should contact landscape companies before spring,

  1. It’s generally cheaper. There are early bird specials and discounts available at most landscape companies. Some companies charge more for last minute additions to schedules especially if you have a strict deadline. If other customers need to be moved or employees need to drive back to the area they just left, there is a risk of the job costing more.
  2. It’s safer. Feel more secure with work making a deadline such as a party date. The faster/earlier you contact a landscape company, the faster you make the schedule. This puts you at the top of the list and even with the potential of bad weather, you can feel better knowing that unless it rains for a month straight, you’ll be showing off a great outdoor space at your May party.
  3. More time means that if a mistake is made or you find the company you hired to be lacking, you have a healthy enough timespan to fix it or find someone else. Calling earlier allows you more time for a back up plan should you need one.

So obviously the early bird gets the worm. And the patio, fire pit, and mulch installed by that pesky graduation party deadline.

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